What is Renec coin? Instructions for free remitano coin mining

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Whitepaper Renec coin cua remitano

Hi guys ! Today, the liquidity god vietnamdong Remitano released a new function for mining Renec coin … so I write this detailed guide for you guys so you can make money for free. From mining remitano coin is very easy

Some of you who typed in the search “renet coin” are misspelled, the exact coin of remitano is “renec”.

Update: Remitano has a nice new interface, providing information about the total number of miners and the amount of renec coins that have been mined. At the time of writing the number of miners is: 245,595 and the number of renecs mined is: 2,103,025,0912

What is Renec coin?

I will not introduce remitano guy anymore, because it is very famous and 99% of everyone who plays coins knows it. And renc coin is simply understood as the coin of the remitano exchange.

Simple as that !

Step 1: Please register at the link below:

Click on the link below and then press the registration word / enter your email / then check your email to complete the registration.

https://remitano.comrenec 1

Step 2: Fill in the alias, then just fill it in without accents, fill in whatever you like.


Step 3: Verify phone number: enter your phone number. Done select the item to call it quickly. Then there’s an automated robot that calls you guys, listens and then enters the code and you’re done.



Complete identity verification step 1 and start earning.

Step 5: Go to the appstore or play to download the remitano app…. Sign in with the email you registered with. Of course, in the gmail application, you also log in the email to check the confirmation email.


Step 6: Open the app on your phone and press “Mining RENEC” to finish: and below is the result….


How to earn more Renec coin?

Method 1: Completing its kyc (identification) steps, the mining speed will be x2. you click on the account section, it says do whatever you want. Rest assured that the information is not leaked, the remitano exchange is a very large exchange,

Method 2: you go to the introduction: copy this link and guide your friends, just like how Linh is doing. It will increase your mining speed and income.


Please register at the link below: https://remitano.com

Some note :

It will be difficult for newcomers, but if you keep trying, everyone must take the first step in a journey of ten thousand miles.

This is completely free, the income will not be high but passive, like the way people say money comes back even while sleeping.

It will be quite a lot, if you work hard…

Here is the income remitano pays Linh every day, and has been paying for 3 years now… without investing a single cent…



Please register at the link below: https://remitano.com

Wishing you success !!! Thank You !

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